We offer flexible and mobile legal advice to Perth residents outside business hours.

Our documents are free as that’s not what we charge for.

We charge for the peace of mind of going through our legacy wealth planning process.

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    Mobile Lawyers

    The majority (53%) of Western Australian legal consumers believe that lawyers should always inform them in writing of their fees regardless of the level of fee involved.

    The next largest proportion (35%) believe that written advice about fees should be provided for any fees likely to be more than $750. (Legal Services Council Consumer Survey 2017)

    Crystal Lawyers informs all its clients in writing about their fixed fees.

    A mobile lawyer from Crystal Lawyers is providing advice at a free seminar in South Perth about a well drafted estate plan and how it can protect your family. Call 04211 45637 for estate planning, probate or family law advice in Perth.

    Divorce and Family Lawyers

    Our divorce lawyer can help you with preparing or reviewing your divorce application. The divorce lawyer can deliver legal advice and services to clients in a way that’s accessible, convenient and uncomplicated.

    Our family lawyer can give you family law advice about separation, property settlement and children’s matters. The family lawyer can advise you about the advantages and disadvantages of entering a financial agreement.

    Estate Planning Lawyers

    Our estate planning lawyer can advise you about structuring your affairs including your will, enduring power of attorney, enduring power of guardianship and advance health directive. The estate lawyer can answer questions about family trusts and binding death benefit nominations for superannuation.

     Probate Lawyers

    Our probate lawyer can help you with preparing an application for probate and letters of administration. A probate lawyer can also help with the administration of a deceased estate.
    All these services can be delivered remotely, after normal business hours or by a mobile lawyer.


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