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    Estate Planning is the development and implementation of a strategy to pass assets to the beneficiaries, minimise tax, protect the assets, give certainty to the will maker and beneficiaries, avoid family provision claims and make sure you and your assets are looked after if you lose mental capacity. Estate planning is more than just an essential will.

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    Probate is a document issued by the Supreme Court of WA that confirms the validity of the will and the appointment of the executor to look after the estate of the deceased will maker. Probate gives the executor the right to deal with assets such as real estate and bank account balances. Real estate cannot be transferred to beneficiaries unless probate is obtained.

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    We help clients to formalise their amicable divorce and property settlement. We also draft financial agreements also known as prenup agreements or postnup agreements. We advise you about the advantages and disadvantages of entering a financial agreement.The way we deliver legal advice to our clients is accessible, convenient and uncomplicated.

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    A trust is a legal relationship between the trustee of a trust and its beneficiaries. A discretionary trust also known as a family trust is a trust in which the number of shares for each beneficiary are not fixed by the settlor in the trust deed, but the income and capital are distributed at the discretion of the trustees. Discretionary trusts are used for asset protection and tax minimisation.

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    A mobile lawyer from Crystal Lawyers is providing advice at a free seminar in South Perth about a well drafted estate plan and how it can protect your family. Call 04211 45637 for estate planning, probate or family law advice in Perth.

    Divorce and Family Lawyers

    Our divorce lawyer can help you with preparing or reviewing your divorce application. The divorce lawyer can deliver legal advice and services to clients in a way that’s accessible, convenient and uncomplicated.

    Our family lawyer can give you family law advice about separation, property settlement and children’s matters. The family lawyer can advise you about the advantages and disadvantages of entering a financial agreement.

    Estate Planning Lawyers

    Our estate planning lawyer can advise you about structuring your affairs including your will, enduring power of attorney, enduring power of guardianship and advance health directive. The estate lawyer can answer questions about family trusts and binding death benefit nominations for superannuation.

    Probate Lawyers

    Our probate lawyer can help you with preparing an application for probate and letters of administration. A probate lawyer can also help with the administration of a deceased estate.
    All these services can be delivered remotely, after normal business hours or by a mobile lawyer.


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