Fixed Fee Property Consent Orders for a Married Couple


  • 60 minutes initial attendance with the client to obtain instructions
  • Mandatory brochure ‘Marriage, Families & separation’
  • Advice about duty of disclosure
  • One round of negotiations with the other party to confirm the terms of settlement between the parties
  • Certificate of title searches (does not include search fee of $26 per title)
  • Draft the application for consent orders and the minute of consent orders
  • Seven business days unlimited revisions of the first draft of the application and minute
  • Provide the client a letter of advice about the effects and consequences of the proposed consent orders
  • Arrange for the client to sign the application for consent orders and the minute
  • File the application and minute of consent orders in the Family Court of WA
  • Advise the client of the outcome of the application for consent orders
  • Provide the client a copy of the orders published by the Family Court of WA
The “Fixed Fee Consent Orders for a Married Couple” package is only appropriate for simple cases and if the parties have agreed about the division of their assets and liabilities.


  • Legal advice about your rights and entitlements
  • Family Court of WA filing fee
  • Fees for certificate of title and any other searches
  • Superannuation splitting orders
  • Make enquiries to check that information you or other parties give us is correct
  • Agreements involving complex business or financial affairs
  • Answer any requisitions issued by the Family Court of WA
  • Advice, attendances and negotiations where the parties are not in agreement about the terms of settlement.
  • More than one round of negotiations
  • Obtain translations of the marriage certificate
  • Legal advice to your partner about the effect and consequences of the consent orders

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