Fixed fee binding financial agreement (BFA)


  • 60 minutes initial attendance with the client to obtain instructions
  • One round of negotiations with the other party to agree on the terms of the agreement
  • Drafting the Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) in 7 working days
  • Fourteen days unlimited revisions of first draft 
  • Letter of advice about the effects of the BFA on client’s rights and the advantages and disadvantages of entering the BFA
  • One hour of additional attendances with client by phone, email, Skype or in person to discuss the negotiations and final terms and make changes if needed after client has considered our letter of advice
  • A meeting with client to sign the agreement if there are no changes to the BFA requested by client’s partner
  • Issue a statement of independent legal advice
  • If there are changes made to agreement we will give you a new letter of advice and a new certificate
  • We will give client the original BFA
  • We will send a certified copy of the signed BFA to client’s partner
  • Review client’s Will to address inconsistencies

Fixed fee application for property consent orders for a married couple


  • Making enquiries to verify the assets, liabilities and resources of the parties
  • Agreements involving complex business or financial affairs
  • Property title searches
  • More than one hour in total of advice, attendances or negotiations where the parties are not in agreement as to the majority of the terms of the Binding Financial Agreement.
  • More than one round of negotiations
  • Further negotiations will not guarantee that an agreement will be reached between the parties

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