Fixed fee joint divorce application no minor children


  • 30 minutes initial attendance with the client to obtain instructions
  • Mandatory  brochure Marriage, Families and Separation
  • Letter of advice about divorce application
  • Send a letter to other party seeking a joint application and sharing of application fee if instructed.
  • Prepare the divorce application
  • Seven business days unlimited revisions of the first draft of the divorce application
  • Court filing of divorce application
  • Service of the application on the other party
  • Report to client about the outcome of the application
The “Fixed Fee Divorce No Children under 18 for a Married Couple in Western Australia” package is only suitable for a client whose partner is also residing in Western Australia, who has no children under 18 years of age, who has a marriage certificate in English and who has not been living under the same roof since the date of separation. The package is not suitable for those clients whose partner is likely to contest the application for divorce.


  • Advice to client or attendances with client where the divorce is contested
  • A divorce application where client has children under 18
  • Advice on property entitlement
  • If the Marriage Certificate is not in English (Overseas Marriage Ceremony), obtain a translation and an affidavit of translation
  • Obtain a copy from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in WA or draft an affidavit if a copy cannot be obtained
  • For non-citizens an affidavit proving domicile in Australia
  • If the parties have been living under the same roof affidavits of the applicant and one corroborating witness
  • Application for dispensation of service
  • Application to shorten the time for the divorce order to take effect
  • Family Court of WA filing fee
  • Process server fee
  • Divorce application where one party does not live in Western Australia

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