Fixed fee application for letters of administration


  • 60 minutes taking instructions from the proposed administrator
  • Preparing application documents
  • Advertising in the West Australian and the Gazette
  • Preparing consent forms for any person entitled to administer the estate
  • Signing and witnessing documents
  • Filing the application at the probate office ($370 application fee included)
  • Notifying the administrator when the Grant of Letters of Administration has issued and forwarding to the administrator the original and certified copies if required
  • Up to 2 hours attendance with the administrator obtaining additional information and giving advice if required

The “Fixed Fee Letters of Administration” is only appropriate for simple estates. The fixed fee is based on the assumption that the administrator knows what are the assets and liabilities of the estate.


  • More than 2 meetings with administrator
  • Travel to meet administrator and other entitled parties
  • Translation of documents
  • Advice on issues other than those matters specifically scoped
  • If the Will is disputed and advice and litigation required to be undertaken
  • Dealing with overseas property
  • Ordering a death certificate
  • Payment of any government, court or other external fees

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