To be authorised to administer the estate the executor must obtain a legal document called a grant of probate. Probate is the process of proving the Will. To prove the Will, your lawyer will lodge the original Will, death certificate, affidavit signed by the executor, a statement of assets and liabilities if the deceased, motion paper and other court documents with the Supreme Court of Western Australia.
The probate registry at the Supreme Court will check the application and if everything is satisfactory, the registrar will make the order for Probate. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to process the application before the grant of probate is posted by mail to your lawyer. We can prepare the probate application in 24 hours after receiving complete set of instructions from the executor. Sometimes the application cannot be finalised quickly because of delays with collating information about the assets and liabilities of the deceased. Call us on 04211 45637 for a free no obligation advice.

Fixed fee probate application



If there is no will or the executors in the will are unable to act your lawyer will apply for letters of administration. If there is no will the next of kin of the deceased usually has to apply to the Supreme Court for a document called letters of administration. One or more applicants can be appointed as administrators by the court. This document is the court’s formal approval for someone to administer the estate of the deceased, effectively acting in the same role as an executor but called an administrator. Approval is usually granted in favour of a family member or another person who has a substantial interest in the estate. For a no obligation advice call us on 04211 45637.

Fixed fee letters of administration