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The assets that must be disclosed on the statement of assets and liabilities include:

  1. Real Estate (state title reference and address)
  2. Personal Estate
    1. Refund of accommodation bond or licence to occupy (supply particulars of provider, location of accommodation and amount due)
    2. Leasehold property (supply particulars of property and name of lessor, expiry date, etc.)
    3. Property held on Crown Licence (supply details, e.g. licence no., expiry date, etc.)
    4. Rents due or accrued (indicate property and state rental period for which rents are due or accrued)
    5. Furniture, household effects, watches, jewellery (supply known or estimated total value of the above and indicate where situated)
    6. Motor vehicles and boats (supply details, e.g. make, registration no., etc.)
    7. Money in hand, home or other premises (give particulars and amounts)
    8. Money in Bank, *Building Society, Credit Union or Financial Institution, fixed and other deposits, loans secured and unsecured (give name and location of bank, account no., and balance as at date of death)
    9. Life assurance policies and bonuses (state name of company, policy no., and amount due or surrender value)
    10. Shares (listed and unlisted), options or convertible notes in Companies (state name of company, number and class of shares, etc.)
    11. Stapled securities (listed and unlisted) (state name of stapled security, number of securities and other details including basis of valuation)
    12. Inscribed stock, bonds and debentures, unsecured notes, units in unit trusts, and futures and other similar contracts (supply details)
    13. Annuities (supply details including name of fund manager and basis of valuation)
    14. Mortgages (plus accrued interest) (state name of mortgagor, registered number (if registered), property over which secured and amount due)
    15. Debts due to the deceased, worker’s compensation and similar entitlements (supply details of debt, etc)
    16. Property held in trust for the deceased, property and investment trusts, money in off-shore accounts, off-shore trusts and off-shore investments (supply details)
    17. Interest in deceased estate (state name and date of death of deceased person and name of trustee(s) and nature of interest)
    18. Rural assets:
      1. Crops, growing or harvested (supply details and known or estimated value)
      2. Wool (supply details, e.g. number of bales of wool on hand and/or amount due from sale thereof, also entitlement to wool market support refunds [if any])
      3. Grain in pools (supply details, e.g. identify pool, the quantity of grain held in pool and known or estimated value)
      4. Grain on hand, seed, fertilizers and sundries (supply details)
      5. Fruit on hand or in store (supply details)
      6. Bulk handling tolls (supply details of tolls standing to the credit of the deceased)
      7. Livestock (supply details, e.g. number and description)
      8. Farming implements, plant and equipment (supply a brief but not detailed summary of items)
    19. Interest in a farming partnership or as a share farmer (advise the deceased’s interest at date of death in partnership or as share farmer)
    20. Interest in a partnership or joint venture (supply details)
    21. Plant, machinery, tools and equipment (supply a brief but not detailed summary of items)
    22. Trade, business or profession (advise nature of trade etc., and provide known or estimated values of business assets)
    23. Salary, wages, commissions, director’s fees and payments in lieu of leave or other benefits (supply name of employer or company, give details of benefits)
    24. Taxation credits (supply details, e.g. Provisional Tax, group certificates, etc.)
    25. Entitlement under a medical benefits or hospital fund (including refund of contributions) (supply details)
    26. Superannuation (if payable to the estate) (supply details)
    27. Property over which the deceased had a general power of appointment exercised by his will (supply details)
    28. Other property not included above e.g. library, paintings, coins and stamps, antiques and other collectables, gold and silver in specie, etc. (supply full details of all other personal chattels and effects)
  3. Liabilities – the amount of each liability must be stated (with a brief description) or, if the amount is not known, provide an estimate of the amount.  Funeral expenses should not be disclosed – such expenses are not a liability of the deceased.

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