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Yes, it is possible to give your estate to a charity in your will.

Leaving your estate to a charity is a commendable act and to ensure that your gift does not fail you should know that:

  • There are certain categories of eligible persons who can make a family provision claim if you have failed to provide adequately for them in your will. Eligible persons in Western Australia are your:
    • spouse or de facto partner
    • former spouse or de facto partner if they were entitled to receive maintenance from you at the time of your death
    • children regardless of their age
    • grandchildren if they meet certain criteria
    • step children if they meet certain criteria
    • parents if they meet certain criteria
  • Do some homework about your chosen charity.
    • What is the precise name and address of the charity – ask for the ABN
    • Is your intended beneficiary really a charity
    • Will the charity accept the gifts that you wish to make, or has the charity a preferred form of bequest.
  • Consider giving your executor the power to select another charity which will fulfil the charitable purpose of the original charity because your chosen charity may have stopped to exist or may refuse your gifts.