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Under the Family Law Act 1975 a parenting order may deal with one or more of the following:

(a) the person or persons with whom a child is to live;

(b) the time a child is to spend with another person or other persons;

(c) the allocation of parental responsibility for a child;

(d) if 2 or more persons are to share parental responsibility for a child–the form of consultations those persons are to have with one another about decisions to be made in the exercise of that responsibility;

(e) the communication a child is to have with another person or other persons;

(f) maintenance of a child;

(g) the steps to be taken before an application is made to a court for a variation of the order to take account of the changing needs or circumstances of:

(i) a child to whom the order relates; or

(ii) the parties to the proceedings in which the order is made;

(h) the process to be used for resolving disputes about the terms or operation of the order;

(i) any aspect of the care, welfare or development of the child or any other aspect of parental responsibility for a child.