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When the enduring power of attorney will be effective depends on the appointment.

  • Joint and several appointment

The Enduring Power of Attorney does not come into effect until it is accepted and signed by the attorney or at least one of them.

If more than one attorney is appointed, each attorney may carry out their role under the enduring power of attorney only when they have accepted and signed it.

If attorneys are given different functions under the power of attorney, they can carry out the particular functions assigned to them if they have accepted their appointment.

  • Joint appointment

If there are joint attorneys with the same functions, the safer position is that the power of attorney is not capable of being operated until all joint enduring attorneys have accepted it.

If only some of the functions given attorneys require joint attorneys then all of them would have to have accepted their role before that part of the power of attorney could be operated.

  • Landgate

Landgate will not register the EPA unless all appointed attorneys have accepted and signed.


Fixed fee EPA for a single person