Standard Estate Planning Package for a couple


  • Estate planning for a couple includes
  • 30 minutes taking instructions from clients
  • Preparing two Wills with standard distribution provisions*
  • Preparing two Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)
  • Preparing two Enduring Powers of Guardianship (EPG)
  • Three revisions of the first draft of the Wills, EPAs and EPGs
  • Letter of advice
  • Instructions to the executor
  • Instructions about safekeeping the Wills
  • Meeting with clients at our office to execute Wills
  • Clients will receive the original Wills that are valid in any state or territory in Australia and 1 copy of the Wills
* Standard distribution provisions means a will which provides for this basic distribution model:
  • 100% to surviving spouse
  • On death of survivor 100% shared equally between children
  • If a child predeceases the will maker then their share goes to their children
  • If the will maker is not survived by their children and grandchildren, then 100% shared equally between the siblings and siblings-in-law of the will maker.


  • Gifts of overseas property
  • Gifts to charities
  • Gifts of private company shares
  • Superannuation binding death nominations
  • Testamentary trusts in the Wills
  • Succession of control of discretionary trusts
  • Travel to meet with clients
  • Will storage

We can quote for any of these services excluding Will storage

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